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I want to know what Love is

by Adra Love

This book is influenced by my self-discovery as a woman of purpose, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a divorcee. This book has been inspired by my survival from years in abusive relationships and how my experiences eventually caused me to triumph and break cycles. I want to Know what Love is? Is a book that will provoke you into breaking cycles and discovering your own love journey. It is dedicated to all women regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds.

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Relationship and Singles Coaching

Looking for love and finding love can be exceptionally hard for some yet so relatively easy for others. The challenge either way will be forming and sustaining that relationship whilst you get to know each other. Are you that woman who easily attracts men however after a few months or even weeks the relationship ends unexpectedly and your left wondering why? This can be painful if this continues to be the patterns in your relationship and eventually this will take its toll on your self worth. This is where destructive patterns can emerge and lead you into abusive relationships because you no longer feel ‘deserving’ of love. I want to work with you in identifying your blue print and some of the self-sabotaging behaviours that have kept you in a cycle of unhealthy and sometimes a cycle abusive relationship. 

No Woman is Left Behind

No woman left behind movement is a project set up by Andra Love to offer counselling and support to women who have experienced abusive relationships. We offer therapeutic retreats with the ‘Love is Kind Workbook to include the things you love that don’t love you back, and much more. 

No women left behind also aims to train professionals working with abused women on the best practices how to respond, intervene and support women. Alongside this there will support for young people experiencing exploitation offering mentoring, scholarships and apprenticeship programmes. 

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