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Image by Ricky  Kharawala

Meet Andra Love

Andra Love is a qualified Social Worker, Author, Relationship and Singles Coach she recently wrote the book ‘I want to know what love is?’ The book was inspired by Andra’s own personal love journey and survival from years in abusive relationships and how her experiences eventually caused her to triumph and break unhealthy cycles. The book will provoke you into breaking cycles and discovering your own love journey and relationship blue print.

Andra’s mission is simply to propel women into healthy lasting relationships. I want to see women healed from their past trauma and brokenness. I want to empower couples to discover their love languages and to establish a relationship that is free from abusive patterns. 

‘Love is complex only until you understand the concept of Love then you can understand the language it speaks’. Andra Love 

Love is complex until you understand the concept of love then you will understand the language it speaks

Andra Love

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