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Andra Love

Relationship and Singles Coach.

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Meet Andra Love

Relationship & Singles Coach | Philanthropist | Advocate for Abuse Awareness | Empowering Youth | Love Language Enthusiast. Join the transformative journey of personal growth.

Andra Love is a passionate relationship and singles coach, philanthropist, advocate for abuse awareness, and empowering youth. She is also a love language enthusiast who believes that understanding and speaking the right love language is key to building strong, healthy relationships. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Andra is dedicated to helping individuals find and maintain meaningful relationships that bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Red Blossom

From Andra's Blog

Stay up-to-date with the latest insights and advice on relationships and personal development from Andra Love.


I think i need you to coach me in the healing process. I thought i was healed but I'm not and knowing that I've been through some similar situations as you helped me realise I'm not alone.


Andra Love Thank you for laying it all bare. By the Grace of God He has brought you through the darkness and now you will be the vessel to help others. Simone


Firstly I want to say I've started reading your book this afternoon, its a very good read. I didn't realise you went through all of that and I'm only on Chapter 2! You are such an inspiration and I'm happy to see the woman you are today. We are all super proud of you


You know a book is good when it leaves you wanting more. There is definitely another book, or series of books for you to write. K


I want to know what Love is?' will help more women than you will ever know. A book of hope and faith, triumph over adversity. The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. Thank you for this masterpiece.


Thank you for keeping the faith, when at times i know you must have questioned. But Gods love for you was always there. 


This book is influenced by my self-discovery as a woman of purpose, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a divorcee. This book has been inspired by my survival from years in abusive relationships and how my experiences eventually caused me to triumph and break cycles. I want to Know what Love is? Is a book that will provoke you into breaking cycles and discovering your own love journey. It is dedicated to all women regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. This book is for you Sis, I simply want to see women healed of their past trauma, and brokenness, and I want to see relationships saved by empowering couples to discover their love languages and to establish lasting relationships that are free from abuse. Love is complex only until you understand the concept of love then you can understand the language it speaks…Andra Love

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